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Traditional Seasoned Laver


South Korea is surrounded by the sea.

One of the globally famous regional food from the sea is Korean Traditional Seasoned Laver(sea weed).

Korean Traditional Seasoned Laver is one of the most exported food product.

Special feature of "seasoning" include pasting oil, roasting, and addition of sea salt. 

Seasoned laver has its unique savory, saltine taste and the crispy texture.

Furthermore, it is a healthy natural snack and your meal partner.

Seasoned laver is so important in everyday meal of all Korean. 

They are best when served with rice, thus an important ingredient for Kim bap.

It could also be eaten without a rice like a snack.

JEG Food is available to source the finest Korean Traditional Seasoned Laver that meets global standard.

Feel free to inquire for the product presentation.

rice field.jpg

If you need other food products from Korea, feel free to contact us.

There is a lot more exciting Korean food for the world.

We'll try our best to find a suitable product for you and export them safely.

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