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During the year, tea leaves are harvested three times.

1st harvest : The best quality. (April 20 ~ May 10)

2nd harvest : Mid May ~ Mid June

3rd harvest : Early august ~ late September

Our matcha uses the finest tea leaves harvested during the first spring harvest season.

Harvested tea leaves then go into the steaming process for unique Korean green tea taste. 

With the elements of Jeju island, our tea has a soft and savory taste of young tea leaves from spring, as well as a freshly greeny scent.


Organic Green Tea from Jeju

"Jeju Island has been designated as USNESCO World Natural Heritage site.  Due to its beautiful natural scenery, Jeju island has been the most beloved vacation spot among Koreans. Moreover, the island's natural environment is a perfect condition for a tea




We proudly invite you to come visit Jeju island tea garden where organic green teas are produced from an organic green tea farm.


Jeju island's tea garden has been raised by warm sunlight, clean air, ideal soil, oceanic and continental climate, and the bedrock water of Jeju island. 

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If you need other food products from Korea, feel free to contact us.

There is a lot more exciting Korean food for the world.

We'll try our best to find a suitable product for you and export them safely.

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