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Gossi Gotgan Organic Matcha from Jeju Island

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

GOSSI GOTGAN Organic Matcha is made from "1st spring harvest" green tea leaves of

Jeju Island, South Korea.

"Jeju Island has been designated as UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Due to its beautiful natural scenery, Jeju island has been the most beloved vacation spot among Koreans. Moreover, the island's natural environment is a perfect condition for a tea plantation."

During the year, green tea leaves are harvested for three times:

1st spring harvest: The best quality. (April 20 ~ May 10)

2nd harvest: Mid May ~ Mid June

3rd harvest: Early august ~ late September

*Our matcha only uses 1st spring harvest green tea leaves.

Also, "Matcha" is supposed to be made from "shade-grown" green tea leaves.

If not, it is just a green tea powder.

We only use shade-grown green tea leaves for our Matcha product.

Our matcha contains 100% pure organic green tea powder grown from Jeju Island.

Green tea from grown from the sea wind and bed rock water of Jeju island has unique scent and full bodies taste.

*Also Jeju island is 100% safe from the radiation.

*INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic green tea powder from Jeju Island


*Product of Korea


Our green tea has won silver medal from international tea competition.

With Korean, US, and EU organic certification, our green tea is being exported to various foreign countries. In Korea, our matcha is being used in hundreds of Cafe and bakeries.

I'm proud to introduce our organic matcha from Jeju Island.

Feel free to send or leave a comment for the samples or purchasing inquiry.

You can now also purchase GOSSI GOTGAN organic matcha through internet.

Search "GOSSI GOTGAN organic matcha" in Shopee.

-John Kim-


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