Traditional Sesame oil

"The tradition of sesame oil has been more than 700 years in Korea. If you visit the market in Korea, you can still see mothers lined up in front of mills to extract oil from their own sesame seeds. Such affectionate scenery is made from mother's love. 

Our sesame oil has been borne out of tradition and a soul of Korean mothers."



Our sesame oil has been certified "Traditional food" from a Korean government authority, MIFAFF, by being acknowledged for using carefully selected sesame seeds from contracted local farmers, and keeping all the traditional manufacturing process.

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"It is a certification system that guarantees the excellent quality of traditional foods produced and processed by domestic

agricultural raw material"


The secret to the unique nutty scent is a roasting process of sesame seeds. During the roasting process, various beneficial minerals are enhanced. After roasting, seeds are pressed just once, by expeller pressing method. Extracted oils are tested for the benzopyrene regularly thus no need to

worry about it. 

The processing facility posses below food safety certification :


With various global standard food safety control, our oils are being exported to Japan and Middle east.

Our oils are also distributed to one of the biggest Korean Food E-commerce and have been verified by hundreds of customer.

Customized OEM production with your own brand label is also available, feel free to inquire.

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